what to eat

What To Eat

1. Everyone has different nutritional needs. No one can tell you what foods are right for you. Only your body can. In order to know what your body needs, you must learn to listen to it. Listen to your body by noticing how you feel after you have eaten or taken a drink of something.

2. Once in a while take a three day fast of just water. On the fourth day, eat something, anything but only one thing at a time. Notice how you feel. What does your body tell you? Do this often because your nutritional needs change.

3. Eat as much raw natural foods as you can. Raw foods are better for you than cooked foods.

4. The food that we eat is the energy that we feed the body. It determines what vitamins and minerals go to the brain which in turn determines our brain chemistry. Our brain chemistry controls our thoughts and actions. The food we eat is very important to our physical, mental and emotional well being.

5. Eat according to colour. It is no accident that Mother Nature has given us such a great variety of colourful foods. The more colour you eat, the healthier you will be.

6. Do not eat processed foods. Do not eat artificial foods. Do not eat food that has been tampered with by scientists.


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