water festival

Water Festival

The Water Festival takes place the 2nd weekend in July.

Earth is known as the water planet because of the abundance of water that can be found here. Water is the source of all life. Out of all the elements it is the most important. In the beginning, there was air, there was earth and there was fire. It was not until there was water that life started on this planet.

Water is unique and irreplaceable. It cannot be created. It cannot be duplicated. Water is life, birth and fertility. Water is free and flexible, the slightest breeze sends ripples across its surface. It takes the easiest path to wherever it’s going. Water is powerful. It can knock down anything in its path.

Water is movement, change and freedom.

Water is cleansing. It washes away dirt and grime.

Water is feminine energy. Water represents birth and fertility. Water represents free expression of emotions.

The Water Festival celebrates womanhood, femininity, birth and creation.

Festival activities include, song, dance, artwork, crafts and workshops on dealing with emotions, pregnancy and giving birth.

It is a celebration of the Mother and all of her attributes.

During the Water Festival newborns are introduced to the community.

The colours of water are blue and green.


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