Mother Nature Never Judges

There is no such thing as good or bad. We got the belief that good and bad exists from religion. In every religion there is a god or a goddess who judges us. They watch our every move, waiting for us to be “bad” so they can throw us into a lake of fire after we die. If we are “good” they take us to heaven. Why on Earth would anyone want to live with a god that has other souls burning in pain forever? Just the thought makes me cringe.

Lucky for us Sommerians, we don’t believe in gods or goddesses. We only believe in Mother Nature. Mother Nature does not judge us. She isn’t watching our every move waiting to punish or reward us. When it rains, it rains on everyone. It doesn’t just rain on bad people while the good people stay dry. Mother Nature will never punish us for anything we do. She will never reward us for anything we do either. Mother Nature is the one who gives us free will. Living in fear of punishment is not free will. Our actions are controlled by the fact that we may be punished if we do anything “bad”. It forces us to do things we wouldn’t do if we were truly free.

Mother Nature does not have good or bad. We are free to do whatever we want. Good and evil, right and wrong are made up by human beings. Mother Nature only has cause and effect. If we do something, there will be repercussions, not because Mother Nature is punishing us but because that is a law of the universe. For example, we can’t dig a hole in the ground and then think we are being punished when it fills up with rain water. We can’t hurt people and not expect them to get angry and try to get back at us. Everything we do will have a reaction from someone or something. Whether that reaction is positive or negative, we don’t know until it happens. Whatever it is, it isn’t personal punishment or reward from a god, a goddess, the universe or Mother Nature. It just is. We are free to do whatever we want. We are free to be whoever we want. We are free to live.

Whenever something bad happens it’s not personal. If it happens to you, it happens to other people because Mother Nature doesn’t actually care what we do or don’t do. All Mother Nature cares about is life. It’s her job to keep life going. Punishing and hurting people destroys life so Mother Nature will never hurt you for anything you do. Even when we die, our job is to keep life going by feeding insects and fertilizing the ground. Only life matters. Mother nature wants us to be happy because happiness breeds life. Be happy and be free!