It’s Okay To Be Angry

People always act like anger is something terrible. Something that needs to be controlled or worse, suppressed. Anger is a feeling like every other feeling and people have a right to feel whatever they are feeling whenever they are feeling it, even if it is anger they are feeling.

No one has a right to tell others what to feel, when to feel and in what situations they should feel something. This means that people have a right to get angry at whatever it is that makes them angry even if it is something that seems trivial to us.

What people don’t have a right to do is take their anger out on other people or on other people’s things. We cannot and should not control our feelings but we can and should control our actions.

We often view people who express anger as being insane; That is how uncomfortable anger makes us. People are so afraid of expressing anger that they view people who express anger as irrational and out of their minds. We would like to live in an ideal world where everyone is calm and rational but the reality is we have emotions and all emotions need to be expressed, even the ones we don’t like. Not only do they need to be expressed, they need to be expressed at the exact moment we feel them.

People tend to take other people’s emotions personally. They feel like they have done or said something that has caused the person to be angry. This is not the case. Feelings are personal. They come from inside the person, not outside. Feelings are generated by the thoughts inside a person’s head. What we say or do, causes the person expressing the emotion to connect it to whatever happened to them in the past. Based on their belief systems, they will think certain thoughts and those thoughts will create the feelings they express. This doesn’t mean that we should not control what we say and do to others but it does mean that we should not take their reaction to what we say and do personally. We are not responsible for what other people feel. We could say the same thing to someone else and they will react differently.

The more pain people are holding inside them, the more quick to anger they will be. Some people have very violent reactions to the littlest things. We need to express emotions immediately or else we hold them inside and they come out later in other ways against people who don’t deserve the reaction they get to whatever has been done or said to them. Anger is a feeling and like every other feeling it needs to be expressed so don’t be afraid to express it. The only rules for expressing anger are:

You are not allowed to hurt others because you are angry.
You are not allowed to destroy other people’s things because you are angry.

As long as you follow those two rules, get as angry as you want. Let it all out. Feel it whenever you are feeling it and express it as soon as you feel it.