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Animal Friend

When a child reaches twelve they must choose an animal friend. The animal friend is one that the child feels a bond to. It is an animal they think represents who they are. It is also a pledge to take care of that animal in the wild, to ensure its survival. The choice of an animal is personal and should not be influenced by parents or friends. The nature of the animal chosen is also personal and not based on what others think the animal represents. For example, if someone chooses a lion, others may think the person chose the lion for its strength and courage but the person who chose it may have chosen it for other reasons. Their reason for choosing the animal may surprise others. You can not only choose an animal, you may choose a particular type of that animal. For example, you can choose a panda or be more specific and choose a red panda.

You may not choose a mythical creature. Mythical creatures are not real. They are not a part of nature that helps us survive. The animal must be part of the circle of life. A mythical creature does not need your protection or care.

An animal friend is not the same as a spirit animal. A spirit animal is for the benefit of the human being, to help and guide them through life. This is not the purpose of an animal friend. Animals are not here for us, we are here for them. They are not here to help us, or guide us or show us how to be better people. We are here for them, to help them, to care for them and to learn from them how to live in harmony with nature.

Having an animal friend is a way for Sommerians to pledge to care for animals in nature. By adopting an animal as a friend, we pledge to care for them, to donate to any cause that helps them and to ensure that they stay alive and thrive in their natural environment. By choosing an animal to be our friend, we want that animal to survive, we want to make sure they have a place to live, food to eat and will survive forever. We want to make sure they can live in their natural environment, not in a zoo or as a pet.

If hunters were hunting rhinos, everyone who had the rhino as their animal friend would be there to protect the rhinos and make sure no harm came to them. They would vote people out of office who didn’t believe in protecting nature from sport hunters. They would gather funds to fund parks where the rhinos can live in peace.

animal friend

How Do I Choose An Animal Friend?
Which animal do you really like?
Which animal are you drawn to?
Which animal do you think represents who you are?
You can choose any animal. It doesn’t have to be an endangered animal.

Can I Change My Animal Friend?
Yes. You choose your first animal friend when you are twelve. When you are an adult, you may choose another animal if you think the one you chose as a child no longer suits you.

How Can I Be A Friend To My Chosen Animal?
– Learn as much as you can about the animal. Where does it live? What does it eat? Is it in danger? Is its habitat in danger?
– Donate money to any organization that will help that animal.
– Start a charity that will help that specific animal.
– Become a vet and work in a place where you can help that animal.
– Volunteer with an organization that helps that animal.
– Start a website that shares information about the animal.
– Make toys, homes, or beds for shelter/rescue animals.
– You don’t always have to donate money. You can donate supplies. Find out what supplies an organization needs and donate those if you have them.
– Change your buying habits. Check product labels and buy and sell only products that are animal friendly and nature friendly.
– Sign petitions. Get your name on any lists that will help protect animals.
– Shut down breeders. Sommerians are against buying and selling live animals.
– VOTE! Make sure only people who care about animals, who care about nature, who care about peace, get into political office.