7 Reasons Why People Aren’t Kind

The most important thing we have to learn in life is to be kind to each other. If we learn to be kind to each other the world would be a much better place. Unfortunately, we are not kind to each other and here are the reasons why:

1. We want something in return for being kind. One of the conditions attached to kindness is gratitude. If someone is kind to us and we don’t show gratitude, they stop being kind.

2. One of the conditions of kindness is a favour owed. If the person being kind can’t get payment right away then they expect it at some point in the future. People are always keeping tabs on the kind acts they do for others so they can get paid back at some point. If the other person can’t give us anything in return, now or in the future, then we won’t be kind to them.

3. One of the conditions of kindness is that the person being helped stays lower than us. People are afraid of other people being better than them, having more than them and being higher than them on the social ladder. Suppose we help someone and they get better than us? This fear prevents us from helping others. It’s the reason we only give a homeless person a dollar and not a hundred dollars.

4. We don’t help each other because we believe people deserve to suffer. If someone is suffering then they must deserve it so why should we help them?

5. We don’t help people because we believe suffering makes us stronger. If we help people then aren’t we preventing them from learning the lessons they need to learn in life? What doesn’t kill them makes them stronger right?

6. We don’t help people because we have our own problems; we don’t have time to help other people. We feel that it’s not our job to help them. It’s god’s job, the government’s job, the charity’s job. It’s always someone else’s job, not ours.

7. We think love is the answer to all the worlds’ ills. We put all our energy into spreading love. We sing about love, spend our time radiating love, we aim for unconditional love etc because we think this is what will save the world. Love is a feeling. It is passive like all feelings. Focusing on love makes us feel like we are doing something when in fact we are doing nothing at all. Kindness is love in action. Kindness is active. It means we are actually doing something to help someone else, not just pretending by “sending them love”.

Those are the seven reasons why the world is full of so much suffering. We are all drops of water in the ocean. We are only an ocean if we work together and help each other. If one person suffers, then we all suffer because we are all connected so we need to always be kind.