premeditated murder

The Seventh Sin Is Premeditated Murder

Premeditated murder is murder that is planned in advance and followed through. It is not accidental.

No one has the right to take another person’s life. Only the justice system can take a life. It is up to the judicial tribunal to decide if someone’s life should end.

We can’t have people going around killing anyone they want. People usually kill when they have been emotionally hurt. We have to teach people ways of dealing with their emotional pain. We have to teach them how to forgive and move on instead of lashing out by killing those they think have wronged them.

There are certain criminals who can’t be helped and the best thing for the community is for them to die so that others in the community can be safe. The decision on whether they live or die has to be made by the criminal justice system and not by an individual or a mob.

Common sense tells us that we can’t allow people to just kill each other. There is no community without people. If someone can murder your neighbour or your friend, how long before they murder you? To keep everyone safe, murder is a sin.


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