the second sin is doing nothing

The Second Sin Is Doing Nothing

The second sin is doing nothing means do not stand by, watch people suffer and do nothing. We live in a world in which people learn to be apathetic to other people’s suffering. The ego causes us to only think about ourselves and our own safety. As long as something doesn’t affect us personally, we don’t care. This is why one of the best ways to get people to change is to make whatever they are doing to hurt other people affect them in some way. Once something affects them, they will do something to change it.

Unfortunately, most things that happen to other people do not affect the people who are causing them to suffer. When a dictator is in charge, what they are doing to the people in their charge does not affect them negatively in any way so they don’t care if people are starving or if people are unhappy. Their ego says, “I’m happy and that’s all that matters.”

Most people wait for other people to stand up for them. They don’t do anything for themselves. They live in fear of being hurt. What they don’t understand is that change happens only when people rise up as a group and do something about whatever is wrong. A group starts with one person then another person, then another person and so on. If each person decides, it’s not their problem there is never a group of people to stand up to a tyrant.

Silence means consent. When you do nothing, you basically send the message that you are okay with what’s happening. It gives a bully permission to continue doing what they are doing. Speak up, stand up and do something. Change happen when we do something, not when we do nothing.


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