sex is natural

The Ninth Sin Is Lack Of Sex

Mother Nature gave us sex organs for a purpose. She gave them to us so we can use them. It is not a sin to have sex, it is not a sin to want sex, it is not a sin to like sex. Sex is normal and natural.

Everyone should have sex. The only caveat is that when we have sex it needs to be with someone who has consented to it. It is important to know what sexual assault is so we don’t commit it.

Sexual assault is touching someone in a sexual manner without their consent.
1. If someone touches your breasts without your permission.
2. If someone touches your crotch without your permission.
3. If someone kisses you on the lips without your permission.
4. If someone touches you in any way, even if it is not in an erogenous zone and their intent is sexual, it is assault. For example, stroking your hair in a sexual manner, rubbing your arm in a sexual manner.
5. Any form of sexual touch that makes you uncomfortable is sexual assault. It doesn’t matter if the other person was “kidding”. No one should touch anyone sexually if they haven’t consented to it.

Sex should also be with someone who is in your age group. Age is just a number is something people say when they want to do something they know is wrong. Age is important. That’s why we keep track of it. Age groups are determined by the nine stages of life.

Sex also has to be with another human being. Animals cannot consent to sex. It is a sin to have sex with an animal. It is a sin to have sex with a non human being.

The ninth sin is lack of sex is to remind us that we are allowed to have sex, to enjoy sex and to be sexual.


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