Mother Nature

The Mother

1. The Mother represents the universal spirit and Mother Nature. Out of The Mother comes all things, in a circular pattern, expanding outward for all eternity.

2. We do not worship The Mother. The Mother does not want or need to be worshipped. She does not seek to control us. The Mother is like the sun. She shines her light for everyone. Those who want to hide from her light and live in darkness can and those who want to live in her light and grow can. The choice is ours to make.

3. The Mother is all around us and within us. She is the very source that gives us life. We can never go back and become one with The Mother. We are one with her. She is us and we are her, yet we have free will. We can do as we please. She does not and cannot control us.

4. The Mother nourishes us. She is the energy that gives us life. She is the light that shines within us. She is the love that flows through the universe. She is life, light and love.

5. The Mother does not punish us for anything we do. She also does not reward us for anything we do. All The Mother wants is for us to learn to be like her. She wants us to learn to give unconditionally, to comfort unconditionally and to nourish each other unconditionally.

6. The Mother knows only love. She gives, she comforts and she nourishes in their highest forms. She opens her arms to us all and embraces us with unconditional love.


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