The Fifth Sin Is Sex With Animals

The fifth sin is sex with animals. If you have sex with animals you are mentally ill and need help. We are animals ourselves, we come from the ape family but we are not the same as apes. We are a different species. Different species cannot communicate with or understand each other enough to give consent to sexual activity.

When someone engages in sexual activity with another species, they let their ego tell them it’s okay. They allow their ego to make them focus only on themselves, their needs, their wants and their feelings. It causes them to ignore the needs, wants and feelings of the other being.

The ego makes them project their feelings and needs unto other beings. It makes them think that what they feel, the other being feels too, no matter the evidence to the contrary.

Sexual activity with another species means the person ignores the pain and discomfort of the other being. It means that the person chooses to have sex with something that has no voice. It cannot say yes to sexual activity. It can’t fight back. It has no way to say no and even if it did, it wouldn’t matter.

Any form of sexual activity with another species is rape because the animal cannot give consent to sex. People who have sex with animals do not want a consenting sexual partner. They want something they have complete control over. In most cases the animal has to be restrained so it can’t escape. Eventually the animal gives up and just accepts the behaviour because they have no other choice. The rapist takes this as consent because the animal is no longer resisting. It isn’t consent. The animal has surrendered hope.

Sexual activity with anything that is not human is a sin.


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