quality of life matters

The Eighth Sin Is Lack Of Play

The eight sin is lack of play means to focus on the quality of life and not the quantity. It is the quality of one’s life that matters more than how long you live. Life is not meant to be a struggle. Mother Nature has done her best to make sure life is easy. Everything is free and abundant.

Life is also meant to be simple: get up, get food, get shelter, take care of your family.

It is human beings who make life difficult. We have done all we can to make life difficult. We charge for land that belongs to everyone. We charge for food that grows for free. We charge for water and soon we will be charging for air. We force people to work all day just to survive. Everyone is unhappy, except for the rich who can afford everything they need.

When we focus on the quantity of life, we focus on not dying instead of focusing on living. We cannot focus on beating death all the time. When we focus on the quantity of life, our main focus is preventing death. We focus on stopping it, prolonging life by giving blood, donating organs, merging our consciousness with computers etc. Meanwhile children don’t have lunches. Parents can’t pay rent. Babies are being abused.

The eighth sin is lack of play means we should never forget that the purpose of life is to be happy. It is to improve the QUALITY of life for everyone in our community. It doesn’t matter if someone’s life is one day or one hundred years, we have to make sure that the life they are living is a happy one, with as much joy as possible.


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