Should We Eat Animals

1. You may kill an animal for food for you and your family if the need calls for it.

2. We live on a planet of suffering. In order for one thing to live, it must feed off another. That’s how things work here.

3. It is not better to eat plants than it is to eat animals. Humans tend to build everything on a hierarchy. This means making one thing more important than another. Life is not a hierarchy. It is not a ladder where things are stacked up on top of each other in order of importance. Life is a circle in which everything is equal to each other. A plant is not more important than an animal. Eating a plant is not better than eating an animal. They have the same value.

4. Do not kill animals for other people to eat. For example, a fisherman kills fish to sell so others can eat them. When you kill animals for your family, you kill one animal. When you kill for profit, you kill hundreds of animals. The more you kill, the more profit you make. You end up killing a lot more animals than you would if you were only feeding your family.

5. When we kill for profit we also waste life. The animals that can’t be sold are thrown away. People don’t give the animals away to those in need; they throw them in the garbage. It is wasteful. Life should not be wasted.

6. When people have to kill animals themselves, there is a lot less waste and a greater reverence for life. When people are forced to kill the animals they eat, they are reluctant to do it. It saves a lot of animal lives and reduces waste.

7. There is nothing wrong with eating animals but we need to be kind in how we treat them and how we kill them. Their life should be free and they should always be killed as quickly and painlessly as possible.


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