1. Sex is short for sexual intercourse.

2. Sexual intercourse is the act humans use to conceive children.

3. Mother Nature gave us intercourse to conceive children. That is its primary function. In fact, it should be its only function.

4. Intercourse is for procreation, not recreation.

5. A Penis and a vagina is the reference point for human reproduction. We need those two things to continue the human race but they are not the reference point for human sexuality.

6. Sexual intimacy should involve the entire body, not just the genitals.

7. People should be able to be intimate with each other without the focus being on intercourse.

8. Sexual intercourse should not be the main event between men and women. All sex acts, should be just as important.

9. Sexuality needs to be inclusive. It needs to include heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals and asexuals.

10. We need a male and a female to reproduce but Mother Nature does not stop us from being intimate with anyone we want to. Men can be intimate with men, women can be intimate with women and women and men can be intimate with each other.


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