sex crimes

Sex Crimes

1. Sexual crimes are the most abhorrent crimes and they will not be tolerated in the Sommerian community.

2. Sexual abuse is the number one cause of soul destruction. Any adult who has sexual relations with a child must be evicted from the community immediately.

3. Children under the age of 20 may not be intimate with anyone who is 3 years younger or older than they are.

4. Sommerians must be intimate only with those who are in their age group. Age groups are determined by the nine stages of life.

5. No sexual relations shall occur between people in the same family. Any person who has sexual relations with their mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, daughter, son, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, granddaughter or grandson shall be expelled from the community immediately. Sexual intimacy between family members is forbidden.

6. Any person who forces intercourse on another person must be evicted from the community.

7. Vaginal intercourse must be used to conceive children only.

8. No Sommerian shall use any form of birth control. Females who obey the law of abstaining from intercourse should have no need for birth control.

9. No female shall have an abortion. Females who obey the law of abstaining from intercourse should have no need for abortions. Only females who are raped are allowed abortions.

10. Anal intercourse is prohibited. The anus was not created for sexual activity.

11. Masturbation is an essential part of human sexuality. It teaches people what they find sexually pleasing in their bodies. It also helps people to release sexual tension when a partner is not available for intimacy.

12. No one shall discriminate against another because of their choice of a sexual partner. Homosexuality is accepted among Sommerians. Bi-sexuality is viewed as the human ideal because Mother Nature does not restrict who can give us sexual pleasure.

13. No Sommerian shall be sexually intimate with a non human creature. Non humans cannot give consent to sex acts so every act of intimacy with them is rape.

14. All sexual intimacy must be consensual. Consent means the other person freely says yes to being intimate with you.

15. Sexual intimacy with a dead body is forbidden. A dead person cannot consent to sex.

16. Beware of people who need pain in others or in themselves to achieve sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure should not come from pain. That is a mental defect.

17. Watching pornography or pornographic images is forbidden. Pornography is not real. It is acting. The more you watch pornography, the more you want it and need it. It soon becomes an addiction that is hard to overcome and prevents you from being intimate with real people.

18. No Sommerian shall sell themselves for a sex act. Being a prostitute or hiring a prostitute is forbidden. Paying someone to be intimate with you means you haven’t developed the skills needed to develop intimate friendships.

19. No Sommerian shall create pornographic images or videos. Sommerians may not create anything that is meant to entice people to commit sex acts.

20. Psychologically and or physically enslaving someone for sex is forbidden.

21. No one should promise anyone anything in exchange for sex acts.

22. No one should promise anyone sex acts in exchange for something they want or need.

23. No one should deny anyone anything because they refuse to be intimate with them. No one should ever be punished because they say no to being touched, kissed, fondled or to performing a sex act with someone.

24. No Sommerian must ever take photos or videos of sex acts and use them for blackmail, revenge or to shame others.


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