Right To Die

Right To Die

1. Everyone has the right to die when they want to. It is up to them when their life should end.

2. If someone is suffering from an incurable disease, why keep them alive?

3. The quality of someone’s life is more important than the quantity.

4. If you truly believe in an afterlife, then you would not have trouble letting people go.

5. You may not kill anyone who wants to die. If someone wants to die then they should have the courage to take their own life and not put that burden on someone else.

6. Do not keep people on life support.

7. Do not accept blood transfusions or organ donations. The blood is life and carries a lot more than blood. It carries a person’s spiritual essence. This should not be shared.

8. Accept when your life is over. Do not fight death. Know that your body dies but you do not die. You always was, always are and always will be.


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