1. When someone’s body has died, we cremate the body then hold a remembrance. A remembrance is when a group of family and friends gather together to remember the person who has passed on from the visible to the invisible.

2. We do not mourn the dead because it is not they who have died but their body. The spirit still lives and will live forever. A remembrance is merely a way to say goodbye.

3. A remembrance is not a time to wail and weep and see who can be the saddest. A remembrance is a happy occasion, a time to let the one who has passed on know that they will be missed, that they have contributed positively to the lives of those they left behind and that we wish them well in the spiritual life they are beginning again.

4. A remembrance is also to remind those who are left behind that the person, although dead, still lives on in the spiritual realm.

5. Think of the spiritual realm as the invisible realm. It is not bigger or better. It is just invisible. It’s there but we can’t see it and it can’t affect us.


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