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Our Beliefs

These are our main beliefs:

1. We believe in Mother Nature. She is known as the Mother. Out of the Mother comes all things, expanding outward, for all eternity.

2. We believe in the Mother Principle. The Mother Principle is: give, comfort, nourish.

3. We believe we are here to learn to work with Mother Nature, to learn to create harmonious relationships with each other and all living things, to learn to give, to comfort and to nourish each other and all living things.

4. We believe living according to the Mother Principle and working with Mother Nature will result in every living thing on this planet living in peace with each other, and will allow every living thing to interact, grow and learn from each other, each in its own way.

5. We believe Mother Nature gives us all the resources we need to survive. She does this so we don’t have to spend our lives working to get these things. Instead we can spend our lives learning to give, comfort and nourish each other.

6. We believe in building societies based on cooperation rather than competition, security rather than fear, kindness rather than cruelty and love rather than hatred.

7. We believe that what we eat, where we live and what we wear should be as close to the way Mother Nature gives them to us as possible. They should not be created in a laboratory. When we have finished with things, if they are the way nature gave them to us, we should be able to return them to nature.

8. We believe that we are animals. We look at the other animals, see how they live and learn from them. We believe the other animals are our teachers because they follow the laws of Nature while we have deviated from them.

9. We believe that we are the caretakers of Earth. Our job is to use our intellect to help animals in need and to keep the garden that is Earth, beautiful.

10. We believe in evolution. We do not believe we were created magically on the Earth by a god or goddess. We believe Mother Nature created us through a long evolutionary process and that as long as we are here, we will continue to evolve forever.

11. We believe intercourse should only be used for conceiving babies. Using intercourse for “fun” serves to keep women subjugated.

12. We believe in sexual intimacy. Sexual intimacy is any sex act that does not include intercourse. It is normal for people to want and enjoy sexual intimacy. We believe that once sexual intimacy and intercourse are separated, humans will be more sexually liberated and will be more free to give and receive sexual pleasure.

13. We believe the only difference between women and men, girls and boys are physical. Socially, emotionally and intellectually they are the same. We do not support gender stereotyping or gender roles. Women and men, girls and boys are encouraged to dress the same, act the same and perform the same duties.

14. We believe in focusing on what humans have in common rather than what makes us different.

15. We believe everyone is good. People may do bad things but they themselves are not bad. We must strive to change behaviours, not people.

16. We believe water is the source of all life and should be protected at all costs because there is no substitute. Without water everything dies and once water is gone we can’t make more.

17. We don’t condone anything that breeds fear, hatred, punishment, separation or destruction because the Mother opens her arms to all of us, drawing us into her embrace with unconditional love and acceptance.

18. We believe that the purpose of life is to be happy. There is no other purpose.

About Us

An online women run religion whose goal is to stop suffering in the world for all living things. It is women focused and women run.

Our Mission

The mission of The Sommerians is to empower women. We will do that by educating women on how to take control of their lives. Our vision for the future is a world run by women in which everyone lives in peace and no sentient being is suffering.

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