nourishing people

Nourishing People

1. When we’re babies our mothers feed us from their breasts. Drinking from our mothers’ breasts not only satisfies our physical hunger but our emotional hunger as well. Being breastfed makes us feel comforted, secure and loved. This is why eating and feeling loved are connected.

2. When we eat, we eat because we need physical nourishment. Physical nourishment is not all we need though; we need emotional nourishment as well. To nourish emotionally means to do and say things to others that make them feel loved. When we compliment people, when we smile, when we say kind words, we nourish people.

3. To nourish someone is to care how they feel. It means we take steps to make sure we don’t hurt their feelings. We say words that make them smile, that make them feel appreciated, loved and cared for. We do things that make them happy and let them know they are worth being loved.

4. When we ridicule, condemn, judge or punish people we take away their self-esteem. They don’t grow and expand; they shrivel and die inside. Give people the kind words they need to grow physically, and emotionally.

5. Although we want to nourish people with kind words, do not lie. It is better to say nothing than to lie to make someone feel better. Lying disrupts the flow of energy in your body.


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