mother nature

Mother Nature

1. Mother Nature knows best. We must work with her, not against her.

2. Mother Nature has been here since the beginning of time and when we are long gone, she will still be here. She has spent millions of years creating everything on this planet, including us. We have no right to destroy what she has created or to think we know more than she does.

3. People who believe in gods and goddesses believe in magic. They try to emulate their gods by creating magic and they destroy nature in the process. They want things to grow faster, stronger, better. They want the magical powers that their gods have and they call the things they do “improving” nature. There is no such thing as magic. There is only nature and nature takes her time. She is slow, methodical and perfect.

4. It is up to every Sommerian, for the little time we are here, to follow the laws of nature, to co-operate with Mother Nature and to learn from her. We can do this by making sure everything we use comes from the Earth and that everything we use can be returned to the Earth without causing damage. We can do this by not expecting magic. We must allow nature to run its course. We must watch what Mother Nature does and follow suit. We must watch the animals and learn from them, we must learn from the trees, listen to the wind and hear what the rain has to say.

5. Unless we follow the laws of nature we will die because to kill nature is to kill ourselves.


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