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Do Sommerians Believe In Abortions?
Requested and Answered by Smatriangello on 05-Apr-2016 08:25 (654 reads)
Our belief is that intercourse should be used only to have children. If people followed this practice then there wouldn't be any need for abortions. We think people should think before engaging in intercourse. It's weird that people think very seriously about buying a house because it is a 25 year commitment but they don't think twice about doing something that will create another human being. Having children is a serious commitment and before we create a child we should make sure we want that child and have the time and resources to look after that child. Unfortunately in a society where people think intercourse is more for creating intimacy and proving their love to each other, "accidents" will happen. It is cruel to punish women by forcing them to go through nine months of pregnancy and the painful birth process just so they can give the child away. It is better for a woman to abort a fetus than to give birth to a child she does not want so although we prefer that women don't have to have abortions we will not stop women from having abortions.

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