1. Using intercourse strictly for sexual pleasure, and not to conceive children, is called fornication.

2. Only people who fornicate need birth control.

3. Only people who fornicate need abortions.

4. Only people who fornicate have unplanned pregnancies.

5. Only fornicators commit rape. Rape is using intercourse to destroy lives instead of to create life.

6. Fornicators don’t make good fathers. They don’t think intercourse is an act that should be used only to conceive babies. They think it’s just for fun so when a woman gets pregnant, they don’t take responsibility for the life they helped create. They walk away from fatherhood claiming the child is not theirs.

7. Fornicators are resentful of child support because they are raised to believe pregnancy is women’s fault, not their fault for putting their sperm inside them and making them pregnant. This leaves children without fathers and women and children living in poverty.

8. Fornicators don’t make good mothers. They allow men to impregnate them and they have pregnancies they don’t want. They give birth to children they are unprepared to raise, don’t have the funds to raise and end up neglecting them, abusing them and insome cases even murdering them.

9. The number one threat to our existence right now is over population yet we keep making babies. We won’t let women have abortions. We won’t teach men to stop getting women pregnant. We won’t put a ban on the number of children people are allowed to have. And we keep using intercourse to “prove our love” for each other, not caring that we are creating more people in the process. In order for the human race to survive, we must stop fornicating.

10. But I like intercourse, some women will say. So? Lots of women like having intercourse but it is not about YOU. It is about ALL women. Lots of people like crack cocaine but is it good for them? No it isn’t. Intercourse is not good for women: birth control, abortions, unwanted pregnancies, selling babies, abandoning children, abusing children, murdering children and poverty.

11. A society that condones fornication is a society that slowly destroys itself. Men and women who fornicate have unwanted pregnancies. The man walks away claiming the child is not his because in a society in which everyone fornicates, how can he know the child is his? The woman, who only wanted to prove she loved the man, ends up pregnant with a child she doesn’t want. She may get an abortion ending the life inside her. She may give the child up for adoption which leaves the child with a lifelong feeling of rejection. If she does keep the child, she may abuse it because she didn’t want it. The child grows into an unhappy adult who constantly strikes out at everyone because they are unhappy. In the end, the mother is unhappy, the father is unhappy and the child is unhappy and they all spread that unhappiness to others. That is how fornication destroys the world.


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