1. There are two sexes: female and male. This is an absolute truth that is created by Mother Nature.

2. Nature creates two sexes because both are needed to make more human beings.

3. Nature’s simple separation of the sexes by biology means she gives us the freedom to dress and behave any way we want.

4. Mother nature does not stop us from doing anything we want to do. She does not stop us from wearing whatever we want to wear. She does not stop us from being whatever we want to be.

5. Human beings created gender and gender roles, not nature. Gender and gender roles are an attempt to manipulate people into being what we want them to be. We make rules like boys can’t wear dresses and girls have long hair. Mother Nature does not prevent boys from wearing dresses or girls from shaving their head bald if they want to.

6. Gender does not exist in nature, only physical sex. We must be careful not to put limits on what people can be or do because of their sex. If it does not exist in nature, it is not a valid reason to prevent people from doing whatever they want to do. For example, males can’t give birth to babies. That is a rule of nature, but saying males can’t be feminine is a rule created by humans.

7. There are those who believe they were born the wrong gender. No one is born the wrong gender because gender is created by human beings, not nature.

8. When we create gender and gender roles, some people buy into the gender stereotypes so much that they feel they were born the wrong sex. This makes them want to change sex. No one can change their sex. Nature creates our sex, and we can’t change what nature created.

9. A person’s sex is physical. It determines how their body changes at puberty so they can create children.

10. A person’s gender is created by humans which is why it can be changed like changing clothes. It is a box that people are forced into in order to fit into the cultural norms of whatever society they choose to be a part of.

11. Gender is limiting, restrictive and in some cases destructive. Sommerians do not support gender or gender roles in any way. We follow Mother Nature and she only creates physical sex, which can never be changed by man.


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