Raw Foods To Eat


1. Our first food need is water. Drink lots of clean water every day.

2. Our second food need is the sun. Choose to eat plants before animals because plants convert and hold the sun’s energy which is transferred to us when we eat them. Next, choose to eat animals that eat plants because the sun’s energy can still be transferred to us through them. Choose to eat animals that eat other animals last. There’s barely any sun in them.

3. Our third food need is water products. You may eat anything that comes from the water, both plants and animals. We come from water originally and need to maintain that connection with water.

4. In times of famine, imprisonment or other harsh conditions, do not be picky; eat whatever you have to eat in order to survive but fast to clean out your body as soon as your condition improves and then start eating healthy again.

5. Do not consume anything that comes from the body. Anything that comes out of the body is waste and should never be consumed.

6. If you kill an animal for food, do it quickly. Thank the animal or plant for giving its life so you can live.

7. There is no difference between eating animals and eating plants. Everything is alive. Everything is equal.

8. Eat as much raw natural foods as you can. Raw foods is better for you than cooked foods.

9. The food that you eat is the energy that feeds your body. It determines what vitamins and minerals go to your brain which in turn, determines your brain chemistry. Your brain chemistry controls your thoughts and actions. The food you eat is very important to your physical, mental and emotional well being.

10. Everyone has different nutritional needs. No one can tell you what foods are right for you. Only your body can. In order to know what your body needs, listen to it. Listen to your body by noticing how you feel after you have eaten or taken a drink of something.

11. Once in a while take a three day fast of just water. On the fourth day, eat something, anything, but only one thing at a time. Notice how you feel. What does your body tell you? Do this often because your nutritional needs change.


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