fire festival

Fire Festival

The Fire Festival takes place the 2nd weekend in October.

Fire is the the element of passion, movement, light, heat and transformation.

Fire cleanses rapidly and the cleansing is painful.

Fire is the only element that turns one element into another. Water boils because of fire and turns into gas (air), fire burns wood into ash (earth).

Fire is a transformer. Fire is the one element we can create ourselves.

We can control fire. We can use it for both positive and destructive means.

Fire is the element of sexuality. It is passion, sex and lust.

Fire is the element of rebirth. All is burned away but new growth occurs soon after.

Festival activities include, song, dance and movement.

The Fire Festival is a celebration of the masculine. Fire is male energy. It rages and destroys and needs to be controlled.

The Fire Festival celebrates community. Communities come together to put out fires, to control fires, to be warm around the fire. So we come together as a community to celebrate the positive energy of fire.

The Fire Festival is a storytelling festival. Great tellers are invited to tell stories around the fire.

The colours of fire are yellow, orange, red and blue.


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