How Do You Pronounce Sommerians?

Sum – meh – ree – annes


If A Person Is Interested In Becoming A Sommerian, How Would They Go About It?

Read the beliefs page on the site. This explains everything we believe in and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.


What Do Sommerians Believe About Being Gay?

We believe that people are born with a sexual orientation. That orientation cannot be changed and why would one want to change it? People cannot change their sexual orientation. We believe it is normal to be gay or straight and since Mother Nature does not have a rule against homosexuality neither do we.


Do Sommerians Believe In Jesus?

No. Jesus as you know him did not exist. He was created in order to bring more people to the church. We believe that there was a man who lead a new religious movement and who was crucified on the cross because he did not follow the religious practices of the day but we do not believe he was the son of god or that he died for our sins. We believe he was a man ahead of his time who preached love and tolerance and practised what he preached.


Do Sommerians Believe In God?

No. There is no god. God is created by humans because they don’t want to be alone in the universe. Gods are created by men and they all have male attributes, domineering, demanding, punitive and only give to those who obey their commands. If there were gods, the world would be different than it is now. There is nothing wrong with believing in a god but one must ask oneself why a god is needed, and why you would choose to believe in a god who speaks of love but whose actions are mean, cruel and unforgiving. If you are going to believe in a god at least choose one whose actions are loving.


Do Sommerians Smoke?

No. Smoking’s only purpose is to poison the body. Sommerians do not consume anything that alters the mind, poisons the body or is addictive.