Free Food

Eating For Free

1. Why buy food when nature gives it to us for free?

2. Try to have a garden, even if it is a shared community garden.

3. Do not buy food from people you don’t know. If you can’t grow your own food then get it from someone who shares the same beliefs you have about keeping animals and plants chemical free.

4. Food from people who don’t share the same beliefs as you may contain chemicals and/or may be genetically altered by scientists.

5. The more food you can grow yourself, the less you’ll have to buy in the supermarket. When you grow your own food you know what you’re getting. When you shop in the supermarket you don’t.

6. Nature gives us more than enough food to survive. One fruit gives many seeds and each seed has the potential to become a tree which will give us hundreds more fruit. Mother Nature will always provide for us. She will never let us go hungry if we follow her rules.


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