Eating By Colour

Eating By Colour

1. Mother Nature gives us foods in many different colours. She does this for a reason. Colour attracts us and leads us to eat foods that are good for us.

2. Colour in foods is very important. In a world of greenery, colour catches our eye. We can pick out foods, not by their shape, but mainly by their colour.

3. We know that green means tart and red means sweet without being told. We also know that different foods give us different vitamins and minerals. You can tell what vitamins a food has simply by its colour.

4. If you eat your foods raw, eat a variety of colours and add fish. You will get all the vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy body.

5. You can never eat too much raw foods. When your body has had enough, it won’t let you eat another bite. Your body also won’t ever get fat on raw foods.

6. A raw diet is a healthy diet. A raw diet based on colour is an even healthier diet.


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