death is not real


1. Everything in this universe constantly changes. There is nothing that stays the same. Everything is constantly evolving into something else.

2. To evolve is to change. If something doesn’t change, it stagnates.

3. Even though many view change as death, it isn’t.

4. Change is life. Stagnation is death.

5. Take water for example, if water stagnates, it becomes foul and all life in it dies. When water is moving it is alive. The more it moves, the more life it has.

6. Life is movement. Movement is change. Change is evolution.

7. We all have bodies. We are not our bodies even though we may think we are. We are souls, energy beings who live in our bodies.

8. The body is material. We use it to stay in the material realm. We use it for as long as we need it and discard it when we are finished.

9. The body ages and dies. Death is merely a term we use for the death of our bodies. It means something has happened to our body which makes it uninhabitable. It means the body has suffered irreparable damage and we are forced to move on.

10. Everything in the material realm goes in circular cycles and death is part of that cycle. It is not the end since a circle has no end.

11. Do not be afraid of death. It’s merely a permanent passage from the material realm to the energy realm.

12. While you are alive and living on the Earth you should immerse yourself in earthly things. Leave the spiritual things for when you are in the spirit world. You are spirit before you come here and you will be spirit when you leave here. You have come to the material realm to learn how to live in the material realm. You cannot do that if you spend your life trying to escape the material realm, believing the spiritual realm is the better place to be or believing being on Earth is punishment.

13. Do not consult channellers and mediums. Do not consult anyone who claims they can speak to the dead or to spirits. They can’t.


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