1. Everyone should be cremated. Valuable land should not be wasted on corpses.

2. Bodies were not meant to be left in the ground for extended periods of time, encased in silk and wooden furnishes. They were meant to be left in the wild to rot. But since we can’t do that, cremation is the next best thing.

3. Do not worry what’s going to happen to your body after it dies. You will be long gone. Your thoughts after you leave your body won’t be about your body but of those you left behind and of what lays ahead for you.

4. Don’t keep people’s ashes in your house. Would you keep a coffin in your house? No, of course not, because it represents death. Every time you look at it you will think of death. Death should not live in your house. Your house should only have things that represent life. Let the dead live with the dead.


Death <- -> Reincarnation