1. Life begins at conception.

2. It takes a biological female and a biological male to conceive a child. Conception occurs when the male uses intercourse to give the female his sperm so she can get pregnant. Once one sperm enters the egg a new life begins.

3. All conceptions must be planned conceptions. Before conceiving a child, the woman needs to commit to becoming a parent and raising the child until they become an adult.

4. A child does not ask to be brought into this world. It is the female and the male who had intercourse who decided to create them. If you do not want a child, do not have intercourse.

5. After conception the female’s body starts creating a foetus.

6. It is important to note that a foetus is not a baby.

7. A foetus becomes a baby after the woman has given birth to it and it breathes its first breath.

8. It is a woman’s choice whether she wants to bring the foetus inside her to term and give birth to it. Her body and everything inside it belongs to her so it is she alone who decides what happens to the foetus inside her.


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