The Shrine

It is important to have a shrine in your home. It is a place to do the bowl ceremony, your breathing exercises and your daily thank yous. Your shrine should have: ~ a picture of mother nature ~ a bowl for the bowl ceremony ~ a small mat to sit on ~ fruits ~ objects […]

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bowl ceremoney

Bowl Ceremony

You may perform the bowl ceremony once a week. Be sure to have all of your supplies close at hand. You need: a medium sized metal or glass bowl a small bag of earth a tea light candle match or lighter a small glass of water. small mat or pillow to sit on. First sprinkle […]

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breathing exercise

Breathing Exercise

After you have done your bowl ceremony, sit quietly for a moment. Start a metronome or keep count in your head and start your breathing exercise. For the breathing exercise: breathe in slowly for a count of 7 hold for a count of 7 breathe out slowly for a count of 7 Continue the breathing […]

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twenty thank yous

Twenty Thank Yous

After you have done the bowl ceremony and your breathing exercises, say your twenty thank yous. Being grateful for the things you have in life, opens the way for more great things to come your way. Saying thank you also helps you focus your thoughts on the positive things in life. Say thank you to […]

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