basic laws

Basic Laws

1. The number one law is this: If you do not want something done to you then do not do it to others. 2. No Sommerian shall steal another person’s possessions. 3. No Sommerian shall tell a lie just for the sake of lying. 4. No Sommerian shall harm another living thing for fun or […]

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personal appearance

Personal Appearance

1. Dress in clean clothes every day. 2. Wear deodorant every day. 3. Bathe or shower every day. 4. Comb or brush your hair every morning. 5. Brush your teeth and clean your tongue every morning. 6. Men need to keep facial hair well groomed. 7. Do not wear anything that identifies you as male […]

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Twelve Sins

1. The first sin is ego. 2. The second sin is doing nothing. 3. The third sin is cruelty. 4. The fourth sin is sex with children. 5. The fifth sin is sex with animals. 6. The sixth sin is fornication. 7. The seventh sin is premeditated murder. 8. The eighth sin is life without […]

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what to eat

What To Eat

1. Everyone has different nutritional needs. No one can tell you what foods are right for you. Only your body can. In order to know what your body needs, you must learn to listen to it. Listen to your body by noticing how you feel after you have eaten or taken a drink of something. […]

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