about us

About Us

Welcome to the Sommerians. We are a nature based religion. We don’t believe in a god or in worshipping deities. We believe there is a force in the universe and that force is female. We are a web based religion for now. The religion is also evolving. Take a look around and register if you’d […]

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Our Goals

The goals of the religion are: 1. Our number one goal is to get rid of suffering for all living things. 2. To get people to tackle the root of social problems instead of tackling the symptoms. 3. To make people realize that there is only one race. The human race. We may divide ourselves […]

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our beliefs

Main Beliefs

These are our main beliefs: 1. We believe in Mother Nature. She is known as the Mother. Out of the Mother comes all things, expanding outward, for all eternity. 2. We believe in the Mother Principle. The Mother Principle is: give, comfort, nourish. We believe that without the Mother and the Mother Principle, the world […]

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How Do You Pronounce Sommerians? Sum – meh – ree – annes ————————- If A Person Is Interested In Becoming A Sommerian, How Would They Go About It? Read the beliefs page on the site. This explains everything we believe in and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. ———————– What Do Sommerians Believe About Being Gay? We […]

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