bowl ceremoney

Bowl Ceremony

You may perform the bowl ceremony once a week. Be sure to have all of your supplies close at hand.

You need:
a medium sized metal or glass bowl
a small bag of earth
a tea light candle
match or lighter
a small glass of water.
small mat or pillow to sit on.

First sprinkle some earth into the bowl. As you are sprinkling the earth say:
First there is Earth, the planet that holds us up in the universe.

Next pour in the glass of water. As you are pouring it in say:
Then there is water, the source of all life on Earth.

Next place the tea light candle on the water and light it. As you are lighting it say:
Then there is fire for light and warmth.

Next wave your hand three times over everything. While you are waving it say: Then there is air that binds it all together.

Close your eyes and be at peace for a moment.

You can light the candle any time you are home but please remember: * (Do not keep lit candles unattended ever. You do not want your house burnt down!)


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