1. Life does not begin at birth, it begins at conception. Birth is when the foetus becomes a baby and gets all the rights of a living human being.

2. Women are not baby machines who should be forced to give birth to babies they don’t want. It is a woman’s choice whether she carries a foetus to term and gives birth to it.

3. It is better to abort a foetus than to force a woman to give birth to a baby she does not want. No child should suffer rejection, neglect, abuse or be murdered because the mother did not plan for it or want it.

4. A child must never be blamed for being born. It is not their fault they are alive. It is the fault of the two people who supplied the egg and the sperm for their creation.

5. Every single child born must be want and loved.

6. No man is a father until the baby is born and breathes its first breath.

7. The safer a woman feels when she’s ready to give birth, the quicker and easier the birth will be.

8. Do not take all the power of giving birth away from pregnant women and put it in the hands of others. We do not deliver a woman’s baby, we help her give birth to it.

9. Men have never given birth and will never give birth to children. They should not be in charge of women giving birth. Only women who have given birth to children should help other women birth their babies.

10. Women need to be educated by women who are mothers on what to expect when they give birth, Only women who are mothers can give this information. Anyone who has never been pregnant or given birth cannot give this information. Knowing someone who is pregnant, is not the same as being pregnant. Knowing someone who gave birth is not the same as giving birth yourself. Information on pregnancy and motherhood should come from women who have been pregnant and who are mothers.

12. Do not give birth to babies for other people. Children are not things to be given away. Our number one threat right now is over population. We should not make children to give away when there are many children already alive without parents.

13. Do not carry a foetus to term if you know it will be disabled, carry a disease or will not live long. It is not the quantity of life that matters. It is the quality of a person’s life that matters. Do not give birth to a baby whose life you wouldn’t want to live.

14. Do not give birth to babies you know will suffer. It is our job to end suffering, not to create it for ourselves or others. It is not the world’s job to change so your child won’t suffer. It is your job to not create a child you know will suffer from disfigurement, disease, or will die soon after birth.

15. It is rare for males to take care of babies in nature. The job of raising children is solely the female’s job.

16. Many men abandon their families and women get resentful of this. Mother Nature did not intend for males to take care of children. That is not their role in nature. They only provide sperm.

17. Women are not supposed to raise children by themselves. They are supposed to raise children with a group of other women. The child has a biological mother but it also has a lot of other mothers who help raise it.


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