Beware Of People Who Hurt Animals

1. Beware of those who hurt animals. They lack empathy and compassion.

2. People who lack empathy and compassion should never be part of your community.

3. Hurting animals for fun is a sign of a very sick mind. Empathy cannot be taught. If someone lacks empathy, they start with animals and move up to human beings. People who hurt animals for fun enjoy hurting things that are helpless, like children and seniors.

4. It is important to weed out people who enjoy hurting others from your community.

5. When you kill an animal for food it should be quick and painless. You should also thank the animal for giving it’s life so you can live.

6. Animals may be killed to end their suffering. Do not let an animal live in pain. Do not let an animal live if it is unable to take care of itself.

7. All animals deserve to live a life of freedom. They deserve to breed without human interference. They deserve to eat the foods that nature has determined is right for them without humans deciding that they should eat something else. (for example, people who try to make animals vegetarians). They deserve to live in their own communities with their own kind without human interference.

8. Our job as humans is to help when needed then release the animal back into the wild. Our job is to make their environment better when they need it. (for example, planting trees or providing clean drinking water).

9. The Earth is a big, round garden and we are its caretakers.


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