special days

Special Days

Air Festival The air festival takes place the second weekend of December. The air festival is a music festival. ———————- Remembrance Day Remembrance Day is January 15. It is a day to remember the people who have passed on from the physical to the spiritual. It is a time when we share stories about their […]

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air festival

Air Festival

The Air Festival takes place the 2nd weekend in December. The Air element represents serenity, peace and contentment. The Air element celebrates lightness, freedom to fly and to pursue our dreams. It celebrates sleeping and dreaming. Air represents the spirit within us all. It is the spiritual realm come to Earth. The soul is invisible, […]

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earth festival

Earth Festival

The Earth Festival takes place the 2nd weekend in June. The Earth element represents birth and death. Earth and Water must go together. Without water, Earth is just a barren rock. Together with water, life springs from the Earth. Earth element is solid, grounded. Earth represents strength. The Earth element represents growth and prosperity. It […]

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fire festival

Fire Festival

The Fire Festival takes place the 2nd weekend in October. Fire is the the element of passion, movement, light, heat and transformation. Fire cleanses rapidly and the cleansing is painful. Fire is the only element that turns one element into another. Water boils because of fire and turns into gas (air), fire burns wood into […]

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basic laws

Basic Laws

1. The number one law is this: If you do not want something done to you then do not do it to others. 2. No Sommerian shall steal another person’s possessions. 3. No Sommerian shall tell a lie just for the sake of lying. 4. No Sommerian shall harm another living thing for fun or […]

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