1. Everyone should be cremated. Valuable land should not be wasted on corpses. 2. Bodies were not meant to be left in the ground for extended periods of time, encased in silk and wooden furnishes. They were meant to be left in the wild to rot. But since we can’t do that, cremation is the […]

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1. Reincarnation is when a person is reborn again. 2. If we came here once, what’s to stop us from coming again? And again? And again? Even if you believe we came from nothing and will return to nothing. It is possible that the same circumstances that created us from nothing could create us again. […]

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1. When someone’s body has died, we cremate the body then hold a remembrance. A remembrance is when a group of family and friends gather together to remember the person who has passed on from the visible to the invisible. 2. We do not mourn the dead because it is not they who have died […]

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right to die

Right To Die

1. Everyone has the right to die when they want to. It is up to them when their life should end. 2. If someone is suffering from an incurable disease, why keep them alive? 3. The quality of someone’s life is more important than the quantity. 4. If you truly believe in an afterlife, then […]

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Mother Nature

The Mother

1. The Mother represents the universal spirit and Mother Nature. Out of The Mother comes all things, in a circular pattern, expanding outward for all eternity. 2. We do not worship The Mother. The Mother does not want or need to be worshipped. She does not seek to control us. The Mother is like the […]

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