Animals Belong In The Wild Not In Our Homes

1. We must resist the urge to bring home baby animals. As soon as humans see a baby animal, they want to take it home but this shouldn’t happen. All animals belong in the wild.

2. Leave animals in their natural habitat.

3. Animals are not our pets, our companions or our entertainment. They are entitled to the same rights and freedoms that we give ourselves. They deserve to live in their natural habitats without our interference. Step in only to help an animal when it is in need, then once help is given, the animal must be released to continue its life in the wild.

4. Do not use animals for entertainment. It’s degrading to have animals perform for food. It is inhumane to keep them captive only to entertain us. Animals deserve to be free. If you wouldn’t do it to a human being, don’t do it to an animal.

5. Do not have pets. In order for an animal to be a pet, it must first be taken out of its natural environment. It must be held in a cage so it won’t escape. In some cases like dogs, they have to be bred from generation to generation, killing the ones that aren’t nice so we can keep them as pets. It gets to the point where we think all animals are here just for us, to be owned by us.

6. Animals serve a purpose in the greater scheme of things. They cannot perform that function if we remove them from their natural environment.

7. Our role on Earth is not to destroy, but to help where the other animals can’t. The Earth is a big round garden and we are its caretakers. The other animals and plants are helpless sometimes. This is when we must step in and help them, but we must do it nature’s way, not our way. We must watch nature, see what she does and follow suit. Only in this way can we sustain and promote life on Earth. When we work with nature, when we let her lead, we end up doing what’s best for everything on Earth, including ourselves.

8. Leave animals alone. Let them live their lives. If we want to see them, we should go into their habitat and view from a distance, we should never bring them into ours.


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