0-3 Years

1. Reproduction begins at conception and continues until the age of three. It does not end until the age of three because the human brain continues to grow and develop to 90% of its size until that age.

2. The child, until age three, still believes it is part of its mother. Reproduction ends when the child has realized it is separate from the mother and begins to take steps to assert its individuality. This process begins at about age two and a half and is completely finished at the age of three unless there is a mental handicap.

3. Because the child’s brain is still being formed until the age of three it is important that the mother continues to breastfeed the child until this age. Breast milk contains all the nutrients the child’s developing body and brain needs at this time. Not only does it have the perfect nutrients, it contains all the nutrients in exactly the right amounts. Nothing can be a substitute for breast milk.

4. Nourish the child, physically and emotionally. Kind words, smiles, kind gestures and lots of affection make the child feel secure. It lets the child know it is liked. It makes the child feel wanted, loved and appreciated.

5. Always comfort a baby when it cries. Never ever let it cry itself to sleep. Teach it you care that it is hurting. You may not be able to solve whatever’s wrong but you can comfort the baby and lessen its stress. The sooner you pick the baby up and give it what it wants, the sooner it will stop crying.

6. The best way to make a baby stop crying is to pick it up, hold it close and comfort it. By comforting the baby, you are teaching it you care about its pain. The child learns that it doesn’t have to suffer alone. Eventually, the child learns to comfort itself and others.

7. When you give to your child, give unconditionally. You must give without ever expecting anything in return. This teaches the child that it doesn’t have to be “good” to get love and affection. The child learns that no matter what happens you will still love it. When you give to your child, it learns that it is worthy of being given to.

8. A child who does not learn they are worth being given to goes through life expecting nothing. They go through life with a “why bother, I won’t get it anyway” attitude. They learn that when they need something no one will provide it. It is only by being given to that children learn they deserve to get things in life. Teach your child by example, give, comfort and nourish.

9. Never ever hit a child. Hitting a child closes its heart and teaches it to hate. If you hit a child, abuse them, hurt them, you teach them that the world is an awful place to be and that they are awful people who deserve to be hurt. The child becomes angry and resentful which makes it strike out and hurt other people.

10. Treat the child the way that you would want to be treated if you were small and helpless. Would you like to be hit when you cry? Would you like to be ignored? Would you like it if you were yelled at? Wouldn’t it be better if someone held you and comforted you?

11. Teach your child by example: give, comfort and nourish.

12. You may not be able to provide everything your child needs in life but just remember one thing: always be kind.


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