The Mother opens her arms to all of us drawing us into her embrace with love and acceptance.

Magic Does Not Exist

People who believe in gods and goddesses believe in magic. They try to emulate their gods by creating magic and they destroy nature in the process. They want things to grow faster, stronger, better. They want the magical powers that their gods have and they call the things they do "improving" nature. There is no such thing as magic. There is only nature and nature takes her time. She is slow, methodical and perfect.

~ principles, the mother, mother nature - 3

The Twelve Sins

1. The first sin is ego.
2. The second sin is doing nothing.
3. The third sin is cruelty.
4. The fourth sin is sex with children.
5. The fifth sin is sex with animals.
6. The sixth sin is fornication.
7. The seventh sin is premeditated murder.
8. The eighth sin is lack of play.
9. The ninth sin is lack of sex.
10. The tenth sin is believing that the ends justifies the means.
11. The eleventh sin is to live in fear.
12. The twelfth sin is believing you don't have a choice.

Nine Stages Of Life

1. 0-9 months. Gestation in the womb.

2. 0-3 years. Brain development.

3. 3-7 years. Social development.

4. 8-12 years. Prepubescence.

5. 13-19 years. Teens

6. 20-30 years. Adulthood.

7. 30-50 years. Mid-life

8. 50-70 years: Menopause

9. 70-? years: Death

Eve's Sin

The story of Adam and Eve is a warning to women. The story of Adam and Eve is a very important story in human history. It is a myth but it is an important myth.

God created Adam, god forbade Adam from eating from the tree of good and evil. God created Eve. God did not forbid Eve from eating from the tree. When Eve said the fruit was forbidden, she was retelling what she was told by Adam. The Serpent tells Eve the fruit is not forbidden because it was not forbidden to her. It was only forbidden to Adam but Eve in her weakness, shared the fruit with Adam. After she did this, God appeared and punished them. Eve ate from the fruit but God did not appear to punish her. It was only after she shared the fruit with Adam that they were punished.They were driven out of Eden, never to return.

This myth is an important one because it tells the story of Eve's submission to Adam. It relates how women gave their power to men and as a result were forced to leave Eden.

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