Sommerian dietary laws

Forbidden Foods

These are the animals you may eat. You may only eat animals that have not suffered for extended periods of time. You may only eat animals that have been killed quickly and mercifully. You may only eat animals that have been raised in nature or on free range farms. You may only eat animals that […]

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animal friend

Animal Friend

When a child reaches twelve they must choose an animal friend. The animal friend is one that the child feels a bond to. It is an animal they think represents who they are. It is also a pledge to take care of that animal in the wild, to ensure its survival. The choice of an […]

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It’s Okay To Be Angry

People always act like anger is something terrible. Something that needs to be controlled or worse, suppressed. Anger is a feeling like every other feeling and people have a right to feel whatever they are feeling whenever they are feeling it, even if it is anger they are feeling. No one has a right to […]

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6 Reason Why We Die

Everyone wants to know why we die. We would love it if we could live forever but that is not possible for various reasons. Here are six reasons why we die. 1. Death serves several purposes. Because we are on a planet of suffering it gives us a reprieve from suffering. Without death we would […]

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